In the beginning of the film Gravity, one of the astronauts gets knocked off the space station and finds herself connected to her partner by only a tube. The lack of a gravitational pull leaves them struggling to stay together.

In the show Gravity, sculpture, painting and performance find themselves uniquely linked. This show consists of four pairings of artists, each connected by their own conceptual/formal tube, to avoid being sucked into space...

Corydon Cowansage and Benjamin Young use hypnotic pattern, repetition, and color interaction to convey spaces both infinite and intimate. Jonathan Frioux and Bayne Peterson both approach their work as explorers, drawing subject matter from narratives of travel and discovery. Austin Ballard and David Aipperspach balance bold, potentially unstable gestures with meticulous formal constructions. Tamara Johnson and Claudia Bitran will explore confrontation and collaboration as they perform during the opening in a glass-walled section of the gallery.