Nothing / Will Have Taken Place / but the Place

Opening Reception: August 1, 6pm-9pm


              of the memorable crisis                        or might                                   the event        have been accomplished in view of all results  null                                                                                                                              human

                                                                                               WILL HAVE TAKEN PLACE                                                                         an ordinary elevation pours out absence

                                                                                                                 BUT THE PLACE                                           some splashing below of water as if to disperse the empty act                                                                                  abruptly which otherwise                                                                              by its falsehood                                                                       would have founded                                                                                       perdition

                                           in these latitudes                                                            of indeterminate                                                                       waves                                                                            in which all reality dissolves

Excerpt from A Throw of the Dice by Stéphane Mallarmé

Projekt722 is pleased to present “Nothing / Will Have Taken Place / but the Place” a show of work by Lauren Comito and Sarah Pater. The exhibition takes its title from Marllarmé’s poem A Throw of the Dice, in which the “nothing” moment before the die is cast is charged with meaning—empty spaces between words evoke silence and achieve abstraction.

The work of Lauren Comito and Sarah Pater investigate places of solitude. Both Comito and Pater explore day-to-day life, containment, and archiving in different ways.

In Comito’s Container Series, collected containers from food and everyday goods purchased over the course of one year lead to several related bodies of work. In one phase of the project, Comito made plaster casts of each container to make “solid blanks”, which give form to the negative space from within each vessel. In her Everyday Color Sample project, Comito combines photos of places she has lived (Providence, Philadelphia, Brooklyn) layered with flattened packaging containers that she associates with these places. Color is determined digitally using Photoshop to create color samples derived from her personal photo archive of these spaces. Using her own internal logic, Comito creates an inventive form of representation by combining everyday moments and ordinary objects to discover new psychological implications of the commonplace.

Pater documents the quotidian experience of everyday spaces using the language of reductive painting and repetition. She catalogues and extracts solitary moments from her office environments, such as a series of aloe plants near a window meant to “soothe” the worker. Two large paintings depict ominous shadows cast by plants on walls in evening light. The peaceful solitude initially suggested by the paintings is offset by a sense of stifling confinement. Artist Jackie Gendel writes: “Pater’s subtly humorous subject is the strange spatial absence found at the intersection of office space and office time; where the question of utility is fraught with the anxieties of ‘spending’ and ‘wasting’, as opposed to the reverie of ‘passing’ time and ‘traversing’ space.”