Unapproachable America

Three artists using varying conceptions of image to make approaches to America, or, The New World.

What is driving the creation of new works by young artists in America that arise directly from source images and what can be called new about them? This question arose for me as I questioned my own use of source material. An image of Columbus setting sail in search of a new route to the East Indies by sailing west plays on loop in my mind. In this quest I see the desire for something new by rerouting in an opposite direction, going west to get east. In these artists I see this same quest for progress by using what has already been made and I find the results are as surprising as Columbus' discovery of this New World we now inhabit. What I think we find is new work.

Claudia Bitran
Billy Jacobs
Matt Ramirez

Curated by Jeremy Jacob Schlangen.

Friday, June 5th, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Panel Discussion Saturday, June 6th, 3:00pm Standard ToyKraft. 722 Metropolitan Avenue, 3L. Brooklyn, New York. 11211.

A discussion of the American Image by artists and curator on the occasion of the opening of Unapproachable America: Imagining The New World.

(Art Speak is an ongoing series of artist lectures and discussions curated by Melanie Patterson.)